Ruby Byrne is an award-winning photographer specializing in portraits and wedding photography.

Her beautiful work combines technical skills, passion, and unique artistic sensibilities. Ruby is known for being creative and consistent in every single frame she shot. Whether it’s a newborn baby, the soon-to-be-mom, the happy couple on their special day or simply a homeless man walking on the side of the road, she captures them with an eye for art and a heart for beauty.

Ruby does everything with passion and makes her clients feel comfortable standing in front of the camera. She captures them being themselves because it’s how the best photographs are taken. Ruby's work had been featured on Vogue Italia portfolio website, Elle and also local magazines.

As an international photographer, Ruby has been photographing people, places, and life through her lens. She is blessed to be able to travel around the world and inspires others with her works.

“Ruby Byrne Photography is definitely something to keep your eyes and mind upon, but just ask her to take you into her world, where you might just find out where the Rabbit Hole really leads to"-D. Lawrence