"Ruby Byrne is a diamond of her days,

The work of a photographer is never an easy one. The work of a photographer tends to be the work of painter, sculptor, designer and many other professions depending of the circumstance. Ruby embraces all these tasks within each frame of her photography, she can effortlessly take the parking lot of a neighborhood, grocery store, and create it to become a scene that baffles the mind. Garden Nymphs by day or Black Swans by night, the ordinary traveler would believe that they were in a dream.

Ruby Byrne Photography is definitely something to keep your eyes and mind upon, but just ask her to take you into her world, where you might just find out where the Rabbit Hole really leads to".

D. Lawrence


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the photos of Jessica!!!!!! They are GORGEOUS and you have captured the essence of her being. I have never seen better pictures of her. You gave such a SPECIAL gift to us and I will forever be grateful to you! I am so excited to share your work with my family, friends and anyone who is looking for a professional and personable (which is a rare find) photographer. You are such a BLESSING and I am so glad that you use the talent you have been given to bring such JOY to others. I am looking forward to receiving the CD so I can share the Jessica I know and love with everyone. “Thank you!” –is not enough to express my appreciation"
-Joni Foster-

"Ruby, your geisha picture stops people in my booth. The elderly Asian lady reached up and touched it and was holding it and smiling at me like she was trying to tell me something. I told her those were my hairsticks and she shook the picture like she was trying to tell me something. I could tell it was moving her. She was just a little ol' gal by herself and her vegetables from the Farmers market. It was very moving!!!”
-Eaduard Hairsticks-

“You are such an artist! Very creative and exceptional at what you do! Keep doing the creative and original stuff you do. It is inspiring!”
-Jack Leyva-

“Brings out the unique qualities in the art of photography that are often over looked!”
Mary Davis

“Her photos are refreshing and stylish with a hint of pure elegance. She can capture the true soul and emotion in a picture. Smashing!!!”
-Heather Morehouse-

“Love your vintage and journalism style! Each of your photos captured the most beautiful moment of the person and it doesn't matter if that person is a professional model or a frail lonely man on the side of a street. I admire your work very much. It would be my honor to have you as my wedding photographer!”
-Tuyet Ho-

“I love your style. I love the way u take the photos. They all very emotional, I can see the inner beauty of the models. You are also a great sis I have ever known”
-Nora Tang-

"Ruby, what you are doing well is not just merely skills and art, its humanity and realism through your shots! keep it up!"
-Dung Le-

"Ruby is not only one of the sweetest people ever, but she also delivers amazing pictures! I was truly blown away. She encourages the subject and makes he or she feel comfortable. She is also quick to get the pictures to you which is a big deal when you want to show others the magic you made!"
-Christi Schaefer-

“An amazing person to work with! Very professional, knows what she's doing, and is a "quick picture editor!” She is always a sweet person and that reflects off her photos. Plus she's the coolest person I know!”
-Keilahnye Zapata-

We're so lucky to have Ruby as our wedding photographer. She didn't mind to travel across the world for our wedding. We love every single picture she took as she captured so well our happiness and touching momments. She let us being us and her talent comes out natuarlly from her. Ruby has great eyes when it comes to photography. If you are looking for a wedding photographer, stop looking anywhere else as you have an amazing one right here. Ruby, you are simply the best! Thank you! Thank you!
-An Dang-

"Ruby's photographic talents have blessed me in three areas:
As an EVENT PHOTOGRAPHER Ruby captured the emotional micro-expressions of those featured at my Red Dress Society 'Angel' Awards event, as well as the audience attending.
As a PERSONAL PHOTOGRAPHER: Ruby is flexible in playing with new ideas, challenging herself as well as allowing me to test my own ideas as her subject.
As a COUPLES PHOTOGRAPHER: Ruby captured precious moments of endearing expressions between my husband and I during a holiday photo shoot that we could then use on our Christmas Card"
-Angelina Musik-Comp-
Founder of MOMtrepreneurs™ & Red Dress Society™, Mrs. Southwest Texas 2011, & CEO of Intelligent Netware™

"Ruby always keeps me surprising with her works. As you can see creativity and passion flow in her. It's simply Ruby with the Wow factor! { besides a sweet, energetic person that cheer you up whenever she is around}
- Huong Nguyen-

"Ruby has been the best. I never knew my potentials in I want to thank you for that. While taking the pictures, you were a big help you made me feel comfortable. You are very blissful. Your work is amazing. Keep up the TERRIFIC job and maybe you should take your career to NEW YORK. That’s the BIG time. THANK YOU RUBY!"
-Natalie Young-

"Ruby's expression of beauty, the combination of passion and talent is evident in her work. My desktop has a picture of my wife, Angelina, on it, taken by Ruby. As accomplished artist myself, it says a lot when another artist's work appears on your desktop."
[Daniel Comp, founder of MENtrepreneurs™]

"Ruby Byrne is an exceptional artist with an amazing ability to capture the beauty in all of her subjects in all her photographs. She has the keen ability to make a breath-taking photograph out of something seemingly simple and uninteresting. I have really enjoyed working with Ruby because of her attention to detail, her open-mindedness to ideas, and most of all her good nature and wonderful attitude towards everyone she meets and everything she does. She is truely a magnificent photographer and a more wonderful person."
-Tabitha Crile-

"You have inspired me so much, Ruby! It is a blessing being your friend. I am so thankful to know someone so amazing. The passion and love you have for what you do inspires me to follow my dreams and be the best that I can be. I love being around your energy. You are extremely talented...but more importantly, you're a genuinely kind, loving person! Thank you for being you! I can't wait to see the pics! Yaaaay! Thank you x 1000! xoxo."
-Claudia Luna-

"I stumbled upon your pictures and they are fantastic!!!

I was sincerely sucked in. So much so, that I needed to send you a message and tell you how incredibly talented you are. So much beauty. I don't know much about photography, but I do love art. I draw and do some film work. That background makes me wonder, how you see the world around you? How is that perspective evident in your art. just wanted to say, coming from a stranger, you are adding some really beautiful things to this world"

-Rawan Arar-

"I have had the pleasure of being one of Ruby Byrne's model for an amazing photoshoot. She was efficient and effective in her professional role, but also took the time to engage everyone involved in the shoot with a genuine interest in how they were doing and what she wanted for her shots. When you view her portfolio it displays a quality and creativeness that helps to compliment each and every shot, making the viewer intrigued wanting more from her.
I find it rare to find a photographer who sees beyond the normal everyday pictures and has the skills to take it to the next level. With that being said, Ruby always delivers and I CANT WAIT to work with her again!

-Jessica Melendez-

"It was an honor to have worked with you. Not only are you extremely professional, but you have devoted yourself in creating amazing images which capture the most marvelous detail. You are also an awesome makeup artist, hair and wardrobe stylist! You are a wonderful one woman show and I applaud you for your great talent."
- Claudia Martinez-

"Ruby was so amazing in making me relax and feel comfortable in my posing. She was great with ideas for looks and poses and also has a great fashion sense. I would love to shoot with her again"
-Sterling Arnold-

"I have watched Ruby's work from infancy and can truly say she is not only a talented photographer, she is an Artist in every sense of the word."
-Amanda Graybill, Founder of Little Black Dress Society-

"Thanks so much Ruby, you're too sweet !! Keep sharing your beautiful talent with us by capturing the beauty of people. You are truly a gifted artist, please continue to amaze us with your photography. Many blessing to you !!!"
-Marie Dolores Cordova"

"You have such an eye for beauty! It's so etherial! You helped the model look like the goddess that's inside all of us. You're very, very talented! I enjoy looking at all the photos you post"
Jennifer Zertuche

"Ruby, I had been dying to work with you & it was totally worth the wait! You are such a talented & creative photographer! I had a great time working with you & the images are amazing! I cannot wait to work with you again!"
-Claudia Nallely-

"Amazing Photographer .I enjoyed every minute with working with Ruby.She is so sweet and knows her stuff! She wont stop till she gets the perfect image and totally worth it.I highly recommend working with the wonderful lady! I cant wait to create more amazing work with her soon!"
-Nicole Winfield-

"Ruby Byrne is an amazing, talented, and friendly person and photographer! She goes above and beyond to get the perfect image, and she's the biggest sweetheart! With Ruby, your pictures will always come out flawless! It was such a pleasure working with Ruby, and I can't wait to do it again! Thank you for an awesome experience and opportunity ? You rock!"
-Krystal Curtis

" Just to let you know, your photography is beautiful! i love your creativity and the style you have. It's dope... just thought i'd tell ya.. :):) great stuff"
-Rick Garza-

"You are a wonderfully skilled photographer. Your images all show both a keen intelligence and a creative flair that is both edgy and marketable. It all makes for a very enviable combination.I look forward to watching your talent evolve"

-James Acosta-

"Ruby I've said it once and I'll say it a million times, you are THE BEST!!! It just doesnt get better than you!"
-Norma Figueroa-Long"

"You have an amazing heart that shows in your equally amazing eye of all things beautiful. Your photography is anything but photography... its art! You inspire me with every picture you take. I hope you understand that the world revolves around photography..... for memories, for history and of course for art. When we as a society look back... its wonderful photographers like yourself that help us move forward, help understand the past and remember a loved one.... with just an image! You create such images people will never forget! From the bird on the fountain to the model wearing an unknown designer.. we remember that moment because of artist like you. I am not only your friend, but your fan!!!"
-Mandi Gallegos-

"Ruby is a gift from the heart. She has inspired me in so many ways. She has been professional since day one. Her words carry weight. She brought out the best in me in my photo shoot. She is a great example of what the world needs. I highly recommend her presence and her photography to everyone"

- Brenda L. Flores

"Ruby Byrne is one of the most creative photographers I have yet to work with thus far. She has a passion for photography the way a true artist should. What stands out the most about what you do, Ruby, is your creativity and your fearlessness to capture any image. I have yet to work with anyone so determined to "get that shot" and to think outside the box. I would recommend you to anyone and look forward to working with you again! It is clear that you work through your soul"

-Ashley Walker -

"Your work is Amazing! I'm a Huge fan".
-Bobbie Lynn Garcia-

"Ruby helped me put together a surprise shoot for my girlfriend on our two year anniversary. She was so nice, helping me through every step of the process to make it absolutely perfect. From the concept to the location, I could not have imagined it coming out anymore beautiful. My girlfriend absolutely loved it, and was made instantly comfortable by Ruby's ability to make you feel like she's a friend that you've known forever. Even I had a blast getting in a few shots. Ruby truly is an amazing person who has a great love, passion, and respect for the art of photography. She is the best, and I can't thank her enough for giving my girlfriend and I an experience we will never forget"
-Juan Mesa-

"Working with Ruby was something I had been looking forward to. She gave me more than I could have expected. Her photos are unique as they are magnificent. Watching her start with a vision and create out of the box ideas is one of the neatest parts about working with her. I have never been in such an imaginative and clever photo shoot setting. There was never a dull moment and the time few by. I could have been her model for days! She keeps the work environment upbeat, playful with an enjoyable atmosphere. I can't wait to work with her again!
I mean every word of this! I didn't want to make it too long, i had so much to say! You truly are the finest photographer i've worked with. Relaxed and fun, innovative and really just have an eye for individualistic out of the box ideas was awesome. Pulling things together most don't see when it's right in front of them. It was awesome! I really can't wait to do it again "

-Cile Cook-

"Thanks you so much for the amazing photos and more importantly an experience I will forever cherish. You captured so many emotions and great shots in our photo shoot together. You give great direction and I instantly felt at ease. Its easy to deliver as a model when working with someone as great as you. I am looking forward to working with you again, again, and again!"
LaTanya Ward-Showers


We wanted to make a note to Thank You for the amazing work you performed for our Wedding Reception, Beach, and Family photo shoots in Mid-February, 2012. My Husband and I have admired and followed your work for two years before we had the privilage of working with you for our special occassion. Our expectations were high to say the least. Our decision to hire a photographer from Texas to shoot an event in Southern California was the right decision from the day we first spoke and began to plan for the photo shoots. Your committment, knowlegde, and desire for to make our special day truly special will live in our memories forever.

From our first email and phone conversations I felt comfortable with you as our photographer and I knew our big challenge would be to make my New Husband and his Family feel the same while being asked to pose and look their best. This is where Ruby Byrne stands alone from all others, your ability to make everyone around you feel so comfortable while posing or not posing for photos. Your eye to "capture the moment" and photograph people having fun at our event has been very impressive. We will look forward to viewing your work in the future and recommending you. We cannot say enough about how happy we are with your work and the positive energy you have been blessed with.


Tram & Tim Gustin

"Ruby, you are indeed one of the kindest persons I have ever met right of the bat! Your work, your presence, and your stamina to create such art is so astounding! I couldn’t thank you enough for the wonderful time I had shooting with you, and for the many more to come! You have such a beautiful Soul that definitely shows with in your work. Thank you so much for the fun times Ruby!"

Autumn Verkaik

"My husband and I asked Ruby Byrne to capture the moments at our wedding this past June and we can't be happier with that decision. We chose to go with Ruby after looking at multiple portfolios from other photographers. We saw that Ruby's style is very different, but still beautiful when compared to others'. She is kind, gracious, and has a very positive attitude. She is able to bring out the beauty in all ordinary things.

I love that Ruby asked what my husband and I wanted out of our wedding pictures. She understood that there will be moments that are important to the bride and groom that the photographer might not know unless told. I told her that the family pictures were of utmost importance and she took extra time at the wedding to make sure that we got beautiful family pictures (and we did) !!! I now have those pictures framed and decorating my home.

To top it off, Ruby saved the day by having an extra video camera!!! My father (miscommunication between the families) sent the videographer home and he missed an important part of the wedding. Luckily, Ruby had a video camera in her car! She graciously turned from photographer into videographer! Life saver!

My husband and I are grateful to have met Ruby and are grateful for her artistic eye. She is very easy to work with and made us feel at ease on such a hectic day. With Ruby, you don't just get a photographer, you get a friend that cares."

Thanh Nguyen & Tran Do

"I have been spending months to search for the best photographer for my wedding and i,many times, been disappointed by those routine and replicate photos. They are simply alike and have nothing unique. What i always look for is an artist who can help me not only to capture the precious moments, but more importantly can expose the soul and message out of each every moment that captured.

And one of the wisest decisions i have made in my life is having Ruby Byrne as wedding photographer. She has excellent eyes to capture the art from its outward appearance and also its inward beauty and significance. Her photos touched my friends' hearts and they adore her works. My heart skipped a beat when one of my friends told me "it seems that i can see more about you through your wedding photos". I were thrilled with ton of compliments from my families, friends, neighbors. Everyone loves them.

Ruby captured us being ourselves and our characters were expressed beautifully and soulfully via all of her works. Those precious moments she captured will last a lifetime.

There are thousands nice photographers, maybe hundreds wow-taking photographers, but there won't be many artists who can take your breath away and make your hearth beat faster with their work like Ruby. Trust me, just don't waste your time searching for one, Ruby is not an ordinary photographer, but a true artist who has wonderful eyes with an amazing sense of capturing the joy and happiness of each precious moments. Her work is simply the best among all wedding photos i have seen. And i feel so fortunate and honor to have her photograph us on a very special day of our life".
-Phoebe Pham & Thomas Wong from Singapore.